Our Program

Our comprehensive hematology/oncology program is devoted to delivering state-of-the-art treatments for blood diseases and cancer. Medical oncology is the specialty dedicated to the medical management of patients with cancer, while hematology addresses blood disorders. Our team of over 130 professionals in our various offices provides highly specialized care for patients with cancer and blood disorders. All of our doctors are highly trained specialists. We have cared for over 35,000 patients over the past 21 years, making our team one of the largest and most experienced in the country. Our team is committed to addressing the special needs and concerns of patients and families facing the diagnosis of cancer or blood disorders.

Hematology/Oncology Services

  • Oncology and hematology consultations and second opinions
  • Chemotherapy infusions and other cancer therapies
  • Immunotherapy/antibody therapy
  • Anemia diagnosis and treatment
  • Intravenous iron infusions
  • Blood product support/transfusions
  • Catheter and infusion device care
  • Outpatient anticoagulation services/Coumadin Clinic
  • Patient education/support groups
  • PET/CT scans
  • Pharmacy Dispensing Program
  • Clinical trials including angiogenesis inhibitors, vaccines, apoptosis inducers, bisphosphonates, erythropoiesis inducers, monoclonal antibodies, nutritional interventions, targeted therapies and many more
  • When requested by specialists, such as rheumatologists and neurologists, we provide intravenous infusion therapy for osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis and other conditions.

We Speak Your Language

Our staff, including physicians, can communicate with you in Spanish, Farsi, Chinese, Armenian, Vietnamese, Korean, Cambodian, Dutch and French. We have brochures in English, Spanish, Chinese and Armenian.

Seven Convenient Locations

We have seven state-of-the-art facilities conveniently located throughout Southern California.


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Infusion Therapy

You're in good hands: our team is kind, professional and experienced as we attend to over 40,000 infusions yearly.



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Clinical Trials

We have brought the latest options for new therapies to our patients for over 34 years. Find out if you qualify today.