“I had to thank your office for a well done job. I was very impressed on how clean you are keeping your office. The staff is constantly sanitizing the lobby and the work area. The patients are kept apart at a safe distance; and most of all I am very thankful for having my temperature checked before coming in.”

"The way I was treated at PSMG is always great."

"Dr. Haque is great!"

"All of the nurses and staff are friendly, caring, and giving."

"Dr. Quan is an excellent doctor and friend which I appreciated not only during my cancer but in my follow up care"

"Compassionate care consistently received from all staff - from the front desk, to support team, nurses, NPs, PAs, and doctors."

"I look forward to my visits because everyone is so caring and friendly. Dr. Wu is not only my doctor, she is my confidant and my friend. Always concerned about my health but also with my inner thoughts and emotions. As strange as it may seem, I look forward to my chemo visits! Also all of the nurses and staff are friendly, caring, and giving."

"Your offices & especially Irvine should be the standard that all medical offices follow. Your attention, love, concern, professionalism, and curing patients is exemplary. From the doctors, nurses, to front line staff; all always caring for patients with a smile; even under difficulty. I am blessed to have many in my family in your care."

"Very helpful and caring staff. Dr. Ngo is the BEST."

"The friendliness and professionalism of the staff at this office is exceptional... I am someone of an expert in customer service having over 25 of experience in the field and personally having Dr appointments 3 to 4 times weekly... thank you for providing me with this service."

"I am forever grateful to Dr. Ucar for the care and compassion he has given me for the last 13 years. Not only is he a great doctor but he is also an amazing person. I am also grateful to the entire Pacific Shores team."

“I would like to say thank you to all Pacific Shores Medical Group staff and André Liem, MD for taking care of me very well! Thanks”

"Attentive treatment, concern for my well-being and, of course, the exceptional care of Dr Chen."

"I think I met most everybody at both the Worsham and Elm offices, and I acknowledge ALL of them. From front desk, authorizations, labs, chemo, nurses, and NP/PA/doctor (and everybody in the back office who made things happen), EVERYBODY has done a great job for my care!”

"Dr. Farjami and his staff are excellent. Knowledgeable and insightful when giving instructions about treatment and plans for future treatments."

“I have been very lucky to be referred to Dr. Farjami by my breast surgeon when I got diagnosed. The staff has been excellent, friendly, and compassionately, and have a sense of urgency in treatment when called for. I am very thankful for the care the entire staff has provided so far."

"Your personnel are an amazing group of people. They make a bad situation not so bad. Having cancer is bad enough, the treatments, but the personnel make it a great experience. I love them for it and I love Dr. Wu."


"Dr. Danny Nguyen is absolutely outstanding!! Not only is he extremely knowledgeable, but also he is very responsive and thorough. He always put in that extra attention and responsiveness that made my treatment so reassuring. He is a truly caring individual."

“Really I’m blessed with the treatment and the staff, and of course the DOCTOR. Everything is good here.”

"I love everything about this Doctors office, and I’ve been to both the Huntington Beach and Irvine offices. I totally love Dr. Nishan!! He’s the nicest awesome amazing loving caring and treats you like you’re his only patient. He and his staff really really truly care about me no matter what or when. Thank You."

“I have been at Pacific Shores for a number of years. I love Pacific Shores Medical Group. They make my life well, the doctors, the nurses, and the staff.”

"I love how friendly all staff is. Everyone is compassionate and caring. Nurses and front office staff are amazing. Dr.Liem is the most amazing doctor ever. I would never change doctors or offices."

“Dr. T Is AMAZING! Words cannot express my gratitude. Dr. T, Dr. O, Scott, the front office ladies, the nurses, especially Cheryl, all are wonderful.”

"Dr. T and all his colleagues are wonderful caring people who treat me with tender care at all times. I highly recommend this medical group."

“The convenience of having several offices so there’s always one open every day. Dr. Farjami first helped me 7 years ago, I was scared but he took the time to explain, and even held my hand to get me through. They are truly all angels.”

"Could not be more pleased. Having Cancer is difficult that I can’t begin to express. Pacific Medical has made my visit extremely comfortable."

“Amazing to find an office with this many people who seem to work so well together.”

"Kind and considerate care given to us each time we were involved with you."

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