As we face the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, I am fully engaged in developing, promoting and enforcing proper procedures to safeguard all of our patients as well as our staff. We have 6 offices in 5 cities spanning 2 counties and over 150 employees, and we are responsible for the care of thousands of patients. This is for me, therefore, a full time endeavor.

Consequently, I am transferring all of my clinical patient care responsibilities to doctor Yaser Homsi. Doctor Homsi is a wonderful, experienced, seasoned medical oncologist and hematologist, with triple board certification in Internal Medicine, Oncology and Hematology. He has my full confidence and trust. Furthermore, doctor Homsi has full access to all of my patients’ records and to me for any and all questions he may have during this transition.

Thank you for your trust and friendship over the years and for helping us move forward during these difficult times, and please be safe.

With gratitude and love,
N. Simon Tchekmedyian MD
Medical Director and CEO
Pacific Shores Medical Group

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