Updated Pacific Shores Medical Group (PSMG) procedures regarding COVID-19 as of 4/10/2020:

  • As implemented on 3/17/2020, all visits are pre-screened via phone call. All patients are asked if they have any acute symptoms such as cough or fever. If the answer is yes, they are asked to stay home, contact their primary care provider, and go to ER as needed if symptoms get worse. PSMG provider is informed.
  • Only patients who absolutely need to come in due to necessary scheduled treatments are allowed to come in person. Patients are reminded about strict hand washing and are always required to wear a mask while in our office. If patient does not have a mask, we will provide a mask at visit time.
  • All patients are otherwise scheduled for Telehealth visits; we have full implementation of face to face Telehealth encounters with the High Five platform.
  • Only patients are allowed in the office; visitors, care givers, and family members are all asked to wait outside the office, preferably in their cars or outside of the medical office building, until the patient is ready to leave. Inside our office, the use of a mask is universal and mandatory for everyone.
  • Patients are again screened upon arrival about any acute symptoms, including cough and fever. If any acute symptoms are present, they are promptly given a surgical mask, placed in an exam room with closed door and the provider is immediately informed.
  • Any staff physically interacting with patients follows appropriate guidelines, including strict hand washing, wearing surgical masks in all patient care or patient facing areas, and gloves as indicated.
  • Equipment and chairs are wiped clean with appropriate wipes and procedures.
  • Our front office, medical assistants, nurses and providers communicate frequently during the day to enhance everyone’s awareness about any issues that may need attention.
  • Through the application of these procedures and with the advent of Telehealth, the number of in-person visits has declined; consequently, the staff is able to maintain an orderly process for patients on therapy, maintaining appropriate distance between patients, thus offering a controlled and comfortable environment.
  • Updates from the CDC and local hospitals and authorities are reviewed regularly in order to inform our team. Staff is encouraged to stay informed by checking pertinent links posted in our PSMG intranet. We are hopeful that normal activities will return at some point; meanwhile we are committed to do our best to continue caring for patients safely and effectively.

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