Doctor N. Simon Tchekmedyian moved from the University of Maryland Cancer Center in Baltimore, Maryland (where he was a faculty member), in April of 1986, to Southern California and that is when the practice that is now the Pacific Shores Medical Group (PSMG) started. The practice expanded from Long Beach, north to Glendale and south to Huntington Beach, Newport Beach and Irvine. There is a broad, deep, and rich history spanning 34 years of work, and through the pages of this website we intend to share in time some of our key milestones and achievements over 3 decades. We have cared for about one hundred thousand patients over that period, and this vast experience is reflected in everything we do. We have also produced hundreds of scientific publications and books, peer reviewed papers, key reference publications on the quality of life of cancer patients, and have conducted hundreds of clinical trials over the years. We are very proud to belong to PSMG, one of the largest, most experienced, and highly successful oncology/hematology and infusion programs in the country and in the world. We are also very proud of our highly experienced physicians, trained at the most prestigious oncology and hematology programs in the country. And we are fortunate to count on our amazing nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, medical assistants, and a large group of professionals providing the infrastructure of support needed to accomplish our goals and to pursue our mission.

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