New Patient Forms

For your convenience, here you will find all of the required forms you need for your first scheduled appointment. To save time, please download, print and complete these documents to bring with you to your first visit.


Treatment programs often include combinations of surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, antibodies, new medications that specifically target cancer cells and other treatments. Physicians specifically trained in cancer therapy work closely with your primary care doctor as well as with pathologists, radiologists and other specialists. This focused integrated team approach is essential for the success of each treatment plan.

We encourage patients and their families to be involved in medical decisions. Our program is a formal center for the UCLA Affiliated Translational Research in Oncology (TRIO), bringing cutting-edge technology and research to our patients.

Our work in conjunction with the National Cancer Institute, other prestigious research groups including the National Surgical Adjuvant Breast and Bowel Project and the bio-pharmaceutical industry makes possible the availability of new targeted therapy clinical trials. These trials offer molecules specifically engineered to attack cancer cells at their weakest spots while sparing normal cells and tissues. With these products we seek to inhibit and reverse cancer growth without the harsh side effects of more traditional treatments. Among these programs are new monoclonal antibodies, small molecules that block cancer cell growth pathways, angiogenesis inhibitors, gene products, anticancer vaccines and a rapidly growing and expanding array of new and promising cancer treatment options.

Most treatments can be delivered in our comfortable and convenient outpatient facilities.

Supportive and Ancillary Services

Our team works closely with specialists in the fields of pain management, nutrition, psychological and social support, physical rehabilitation and infection control. Cancer risk assessment and cancer prevention programs are available for patients and their relatives.

Information about Cancer and Blood Disorders

Our staff is available to talk with you and provide educational materials related to your particular disease and treatment. We encourage patients to ask the nurses or doctor for any additional information or materials that may relate to a specific illness. Our patient education booklet provides very useful information; ask your nurse or doctor for it!

Your Appointments

Most office visits take place Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. After hours and weekend appointments are available according to patients’ needs. All visits should be scheduled; however, there is always a physician available during office hours if an emergency arises. Our office phones are answered 24 hours a day. Please call the regular office number to reach us. The answering service will locate the doctor on call.

We Speak Your Language

Our staff, including physicians, can communicate with you in Spanish, Farsi, Chinese, Armenian, Vietnamese, Korean, Cambodian, Dutch and French. We have brochures in English, Spanish, Chinese and Armenian.

You Can Help Us

Please notify us at least 24 hours in advance should you need to cancel an appointment. Please keep in mind that we only treat adult patients; for safety reasons, children are not allowed in our offices. We request that you do not use cell phones in our offices except for emergencies. Please review your bill and call the billing department if you have difficulties understanding any item. A quick phone call can correct errors and prevent miscommunications. Let us know if you have financial difficulties so that we can assist you. Keep us up to date on any changes in name, address, phone number, or insurance coverage. Please bring current insurance identification with you to each visit. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to improve our services. We value your input and are always open to your suggestions. An evaluation form is available at our offices for your convenience. We look forward to seeing you!

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